Terms and Conditions

General Terms

 Drivers Age

The minimum age of the driver must be 21 years

Driver`s License

Valid driving license, held at least one (1) year. 

Minimal Rental Duration

One day is the minimum rental. First hour is free,every extra hour of the next 3 hours will be charged for 10€. After 4 hours an extra day will be charged.

Trafic Fines

 Traffic fines resulting from traffic violations during the rental period are at the renter’s expenses.

Gasoline or Diesel consumption is payable by the renter.

The total rental amount is to be paid due to the delivery of the car.


Taxes like VAT. 24% are in the price included.

Cancelaion Fees

In case that you want to cancel your booking, there will be a cost of 30% of the total price.

Ferrying the Car

It is only allowed with the written authorization of  TRAVELCAR.

Change the Car Type

 The Company has the right to change the type of the car with another type in special occasions and availability. Same category or higher will be applied.

Unlimited Kilometres

There is no daily kilometre limit. Is free of charge.


Insurance Coverage

Rental rates include the following coverage:
The rented car against death or bodily injuries to third party and passengers of the rented car. Property damages to third party.
The insurance coverage is NOT valid in case the driver is under drug or alcohol influence.
In case of off-road (not a normal road) accident the car is not covered of any damages.

Damages that didn`t caused in case of accident with another vehicle are not cover by the insurance(Inside the car or outside of it).

A police report or an insurance accident report has to be applied always in order the insurance to cover the damages.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Full Damage Waiver(FDW)

The customers are fully relieved from the responsibility of the damages to the company’s vehicle in case of accident.
Also glasses, mirror, tires and underneath parts of the company’s car is protected in any case of damage.
The customer can choose between full cover (FDW) and cover (CDW) with 
jointly liability 300,00€ for small categories, 500,00€ for medium and 800,00€ for bigger categories.

Third Party Insurance (TPI)

Compensation to third party, passengers up to 750.000€ per person
Coverage for damages for third party vehicles up to 750.000€

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Compensation for death, total or partial disability, driver`s injury up to 17600€.
Daily amount when in hospital
Medicines up to 300,00€
Passengers of the car are covered from the third part insurance.

Fire and Theft Protection

The car is fully protected against fire and theft. The protection is also if the fire of the company’s car extended to anything else around. Personal things of the renter are not covered in case of theft.

Additional Services

Additional Driver

Second driver will be charged with the amount of 3€ daily.

G.P.S. Navigation System

A navigation multilingual system is possible to have when you drive.The charge is 5€ per day with maximum charge of 7 days(35€)

Baby Seats
For children till 2 years old baby seat or for older children pillow(booster) seats to seat higher. Available on request, free of charge the first one and 1€ per day for every extra one.

Delivery and Collection
Delivery and collection to the hotel, ports and airports in the area of Heraklion is free of charge. For Chania area is 20€ each way, for Rethymnon area is 10€, for Agios Nikolaos area is also 10€ and Sitia area is 20€.All that charges are during working hours (08:00 until 23:00) . From 23:01 until 07:59 the charge for delivery and collection is 10€. 

Delivery and collection is free on all TRAVELCAR stations.

24 Hours Road Assistance

We are offer a 24h basis road assistance for your service.

Car Replacement

Our cars are new, but in case of damage or car accident we replace your car with another one.

Free Roof Racks

We supply roof racks for open cars for free.